Welcome to my site and to MONTANA. To navigate my site I have provided a brief description of its contents.

Artist consists of a brief biography of the artist, her education and a brief synopsis of her exhibition record.
Immortal pets & Custom Creations consists of portraits/drawings of canines, felines, other pets, and people in addition to logos. Do you have a special creation you'd like done for a friend or loved one?
Symbolic visions (wildlife) & Other work consists of paintings and drawings of my dream visions, still lifes, drawings, and illustrations. Wildlife in unusual settings.
AIRElink Stories consists of illustrated stories written by the artist and members of the Airedale L & other canine illustrations.
Satirical Airedales & Friends consists of Airedales and other breeds of dogs placed in satirical settings poking fun at humans.

Many of my series and story projects help fund specific canine breed rescues. Please BOOKMARK this site and share with your friends. Thank you for visiting!

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